Peering with AS58015 (AS-XEO) Version 1.01

NOTE: We're currently writing an detailed Peering-Policy, this one is only temporary!


This document only applies to the IP backbone of AS58015.

AS58015 has an open peering policy, however we do have several basic requirements.

Peering requirements

Route exchanges are done via BGPv4
Technical contact information must be provided
AS58015 requires that peers announce the same routing policy at all points where they peer with us, unless other arrangements are made
Peers must enforce strict filtering policies to prevent route leaks
Peers must cooperate in the troubleshooting of any peering related issues, denial of service attacks, UCE, hacking or virus penetration
Peers are prohibited from abusing our peering relationship by pointing default or resetting any next-hop
Peers are requested to peer at all common peering points
AS58015 reserves the right to not peer with anyone as we see fit and to terminate any peering at any time with 30 days notice.
AS58015 reserves the right to change this policy with 30 days notice

Requesting peering to AS58015

An ISP seeking peering should submit its request in writing via email providing the following information: A brief description of its network (we just want to know who you are) Peering-point(s) AS-Number AS-set (if available) prefix limit we should use contact data

Company Information:

Xeonity GbR

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